Studium Evangelii Gaudium

The Feminine Face Of The Church

The Studium "Evangelii Gaudium" (StEG), located within the Conservatory of the Holy Conception, is a university-level educational program. It is situated within the Church of Rome to contribute to the missionary perspective of the "Church going out" animated by Pope Francis
The Studium welcomes female students, researchers, and university professors from outside the area and is designed as an experience of peer education. It operates through the sharing of daily life, academic life, personal history, faith, culture, and talents.

The Studium refers to the ardent desire to engage with something that attracts and impassions (studere), and it distinguishes itself through the style with which people live together, capable of generating a new mindset of hospitality, encounter, and truth. This concept of truth is not only conceived as logos but also as dia-logos with other disciplines and with both believing and non-believing scholars.

It arises from the reform of ecclesiastical studies mandated by Pope Francis (Veritatis Gaudium, 2018), which entrusts universities with the task of bringing together knowledge and cultures and developing an integrated vision of knowledge at both the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary levels.