S.Cecilia Theological College

The fundamental requirement for admission to CTF is ecclesial rootedness within one's Diocese, an ecclesial mandate (preferably from the Ordinary), and the prospect of returning to perform qualified pastoral service.
To this end, the following documents are required:
1. Letter of request from the Diocesan Bishop;
2. Letter of introduction from an ecclesial reference who personally knows the candidate (e.g., parish priest, chaplain, spiritual guide, association president, etc.);
3. Letter of introduction from the most recent academic reference (e.g., thesis advisor, dean, director, rector);
4. Previous academic documentation (e.g., diploma, degree, license);
5. Academic Curriculum Vitae (containing data processing authorization);
6. Letter of self-introduction and request from the candidate, including:
a. Their ecclesial profile (membership, services, and ecclesial integration prospects)
b. Intrinsic motivations for studying in Rome
c. Adherence to the educational project of the Female Theological College "S. Cecilia":
• sent by the local Church to prepare for more qualified ecclesial service
• fraternal life, academic commitment, prayer, pastoral service
7. Certification of financial situation;
8. Medical certificate attesting to compatibility with communal life.
All certifications must bear the handwritten signature of the applicant.
The letters should be addressed to:
S. Card. Angelo De Donatis, Presidente dell’Alta Direzione dell’Almo Collegio Capranica e Responsabile ultimo del CTF “S. Cecilia”.
All documents must be sent via email to the following address: