Studium Evangelii Gaudium

Those who share the mission and values of Studium EG can apply for admission by following these steps:
1) Provide a letter of self-introduction, including:
a. A brief biographical profile
b. Intrinsic motivations for studying or working in Rome
c. Affirmation of alignment with the mission and values of Studium EG
2) Submit a letter of reference from a professor, priest, spiritual advisor, or the president of an association (such as Agesci, Azione Cattolica...) who knows the candidate and can vouch for their path;
3) Present a medical certificate attesting to suitability for communal living;
4) Include a curriculum vitae (CV);
5) Fill out the application form completely.
The acceptance is done through an interview with the Management.
Throughout the academic year and at the end of the academic year, there will be a self-assessment interview.
For further information, please contact the email address: