Our financial support

A valuable support for Women in the Church

Every year, total or partial scholarships are made available for female students of the CTF.

SCARICA il Bando per l’anno in corso
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After receiving the documentation, the candidate will be contacted for an interview with the evaluating committee to assess her profile for admission to CTF 'S. Cecilia' and the potential assignment of a scholarship.

For both the initial admission and subsequent renewals (including potential scholarships), students undergo an interview (in September and June, respectively) with a dedicated committee presided over by the rector of the Capranica College.
During the academic year, there is an intermediate interview at the end of the first semester, focusing on academic performance and where each student provides a self-assessment regarding the fundamental aspects of the educational proposal: community, prayer, and service.

The Conservatory SS. Concezione, where the CTF is located, determines the annual fees and any other expenses related to the accommodation and meals of the female students.
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