Happy Christmas 2021!

“It will come like frost,it will come like the dark,will come as a child … “The Director and the Students of the Theological College “S. Cecilia”and the Studium Evangelii Gaudium,wish a Holy Christmas!(images taken from the spaces and life of our college)

Scholarships for students sent by the Bishops in the Pontifical Universities

Thanks to the support of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), also for the academic year 2021-2022, the S. Cecilia Women’s Theological College offers scholarships for young women presented by diocesan bishops, so that they can engage in a more qualified pastoral service in the their local Churches. For information

Scholarships “Studium Evangelii Gaudium”

The Conservatorio SS. Concezione for the academic year 2021/22 offers n. 1 scholarships for graduate students, PhD students and II level and post-doctoral Masters students. For more information

Reduction of academic fees for PUL students

The students of our residence, registered at the Pontifical Lateran University, can take advantage of a reduction in academic fees.For more information, contact the PUL Secretariat, declaring that you are a guest at the Conservatory of SS. Conception.

Annual Workshop

On Saturday 15 May the annual cultural meeting Workshop will be held in the garden of the Convervatory. The guests close to the degree of license and doctorate, will exhibit their works to the other guests and to follow small refreshments.