For this Sunday’s commentary on the Gospel, we are pleased to welcome the contribution of Hira Rafique, a student from Pakistan, enrolled in the Faculty of Missiology at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Happy Sunday with your words dedicated to the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman!

John 4,5-42

St. John tells us that the occasion of this conversation was that Jesus was on his way to Galilee from Judea and so had to pass through Samaria (Samaria is just north of Judea, and Galilee is just north of Samaria). That explains why Jesus is in Samaria in the first place. But John also mentions something else: the reason Jesus left Judea for Galilee was that the Pharisees were alerted to the fact that Jesus was making so many disciples, even more than John the Baptist. This likely provoked their envy and anger, so Jesus left Judea for a time. He was rejected by His own people but we see how a Samaritan women is able to experience Jesus as the Messiah.

The story of Jesus and Samaritan woman at the well is rich example of love, truth and acceptance.  We see how Jesus Himself takes the initiative to talk to this woman regardless of race and other social differences between Jews and Samaritans and accepts her with all she is.

He invites us to have all possible conversations of our personal, family and social life with Him.

He is fully aware of our lives.

He accepts us with all we are and does not put conditions to receive Him.

Let us ask the Grace of understanding considering our selves at the place of the Samaritan woman.

Let us ask Jesus to move our hearts too.

Let us ask the Grace to bring others to Him as the Samaritan women did.

Hira Rafique