Both in and next to the civil and pontifical universities, the Studium Evangelii Gaudium aims to:

–  Respond to the need for intellectual and spiritual women, capable of expanding reason and foster the interaction among the different levels of knowledge (scientific, social, human, philosophical and theological). This allows to have a whole vision of human beings and contemporary world creation and to reach the peace.

The dialogue between science and faith is part of the evangelizing action that fosters peace.

(pope Francis, EG 242)

– Promote an organic vision of knowledge at the inter-disciplinary level (through the research from different perspective) and transdisciplinary level (placement of all knowledges within the space of light of the mystery of Christ, in which “all the treasures of wisdom and science are hidden”, Col 2,3). This avoids a fragmentary nature, in addition to the risks  of conflict or relativism (VG 4c).

Universities are a privileged environment where eleborating thoughts and developing this commitment to evangelization in an interdisciplinary and integrated way.

(pope Francis, EG 134)

– Foster the birth of interdisciplinary research projects with students of different scientific skills and from different cultural backgrounds. To cope with the anthropological, social and environmental crises, whiche are globally important in this epoca which requires a real change in the model of global development, to redefine the progress and to find concrete ways to achieve a common project.

Faith is not afraid of reason; on the contrary, it seeks it and trusts it, because the light of reason and the light of faith both come from God and cannot contradict one another.

(pope Francis, EG 242)

– Facilitate and support the purpose of Theology, explained by Pope Francis and welcomed by the students of the Female Theological College (CTF) “S. Cecilia”, in order to accompany the processes and the great cultural and social transitions, elaborating reasoning and encouraging evangelical action, able to entering different cultural realities/systems (VG 5)

I dream of a missionary choice capable of transforming everything.

(pope Francis, EG 27)

– Study and teach in Rome at the service of man and evangelization.

Without the talents of women, the human vocation cannot be realized.

(Pope Francis, Address, 25 January 2014)

– Learn how to build bridges instead of walls.

Women are braver than men.

(Pope Francis, General Audience, 25 January 2017)

– Discover and cultivate one’s own female vocation in the world and in the Church.

The presence of women must be guaranteed in the different places where important decisions are made, both in the Church and in social structures.

(pope Francis, EG 103)