Foundation “Conservatorio Santissima Concezione”

The property of the Conservatory belongs to the original foundation, which has the same name, founded in 1668 by the noblewoman Livia Vipereschi, whose organs are named by the vicar bishop of the Diocese of Rome, according to the Charter approved in 1993.

Currently, the ancient 1600 building is a university college for young students, included those who attend pontifical universities, paying particular attention to those who are facing financial difficulties. The aim is contributing to their cultural, civil, moral and religious growth (Charter of the Conservatorio Santissima Concezione approved by the resolution of the Administrative Council 61, 10 September 1992, art. 1).

In order to pursue these aims, two education centers, unique in Rome, are hosted for young women. Therefore, Studium Evangelii Gaudium and the Female Theological College “Santa Cecilia” share a common lifestyle.


During the five-year term 2016-2021 the Administrative Council is made up of the following members:

President: Rev. Pierangelo Pedretti

Vice-president: Rev. Riccardo Battocchio, Rector of Almo Collegio Capranica

Counselor: Rev. Pasquale Rombi, Almo Collegio Capranica

Counselor: Mrs. Rossana Zinni

Counselor-secretary: Mr. Antonio Palummieri