Admissions and Scholarships

Admission & Schoolarship

Requirements and Documents

The fundamental requisites for being admitted to the CTF is an ecclesial commitment in their Dioceses, an ecclesial mandate (possibly by the Ordinary) and the prospect of returning to carry out a qualified pastoral service.

For admission the following documents are required:

  1. Letter of request from the Ordinary;
  2. Letter of recommendation of an ecclesial representative who personally knows the candidate (eg. parish priest, assistant, spiritual guide, association president), in which the existence of a path of Christian life and insertion and (or) ecclesial service is attested;
  3. Letter of presentation of the last academic referent (eg. thesis director, principal, dean, director, rector);
  4. Previous academic documentation ( diploma, degree, license);
  5. Academic CV;
  6. Letter of self-presentation and request of the candidate in which she expresses:
    1. personal ecclesial profile (membership, services and prospective of ecclesial insertion);
    2. intrinsic motivations of study in Rome;
    3. adhesion to the formative project of the Female Theological College “S. Cecilia”:
      • sent by the local Church to prepare for a more qualified ecclesial service;
      • fraternal life, academic commitment, cultural exchange, prayer, service;

* Letters must be addressed to:

S. Card. Angelo de Donatis, Presidente dell’Alta Direzione dell’Almo Collegio Capranica e Responsabile ultimo del CTF “S. Cecilia”.

* All documents must be sent by email to:

Prof.ssa Elisabetta Casadei, Responsabile del Collegio Teologico Femminile “S. Cecilia” (


Every year the Italian Episcopal Conference provide full or partial scholarships.

In order, is required an Economic certification, or in the absence of certification, economic self-certification to support the scholarship application (eg. family income, other scholarships or other forms of support).

Upon receipt of the documentation, the candidate will be contacted for an interview with the Commission evaluating her profile, for admission to the CTF “S. Cecilia “and the possible assignment of the scholarship.

Admissions and intermediate interviews

The admissions and scholarships are preceded by a personal interview with a Commission chaired by the Rector of the A.C. Compranica, which evaluates:

– achieved academic results;

– rooting and perspectives of ecclesial insertion;

– human (psychological and moral), spiritual and ecclesial maturity;

-documented economic conditions.

For admission to subsequent years (including possible scholarship), female students will hold a personal interview in June.

Economic conditions

The SS. Concezione Conservatory, where the CTF is domiciled, establishes annually the fees and any other expenses related to the lodging and the food of the female students.