The Studium “Evangelii Gaudium” (St EG), part of the Conservatorio SS. Concezione, is a university training course. Its location in the Church of Rome contributes to the missionary perspective of the “outgoing Church” promoted by Pope Francis and was born following his reform of university studies (cf. Veritatis Gaudium).

The Studium is home for students, researchers and university lecturers it represents an experience of peer education, where all the members are equals. It consists in the sharing of both everyday and academic life, with its own history, faith, culture and talents.

It traces the old conversatio (familiar company) the relationship between students and teachers, which existed at the beginning of the University experience, which had not limits to the academic lessons, but continued in the conversation between students and teachers. 

The latin word Studium refers to the burning desire to apply for something that attracts and impassions (latin=studère), and it is distinguished by the style with which one lives together, capable of generating a new mentality of welcome, encounter and truth. It is conceived not only as logos, but also as dia-logos (dialogue) with other disciplines and with pupils. Both believers or non-believers.

In a spiritual atmosphere of search for truth (VG 3),  students, researchers and professors seek and enjoy the “joy of truth “, multiform and symphonic at the same time. This truth concerns the secrets of natural world, biological life and human dynamics, as well as the great questions of man and theological sciences.